FreeBSD-based servers

Over eighteen years of FreeBSD® operating system experience is the main reason why administrators can take professional care of your servers with security being a priority.

With scripts tailored to customer specific needs, at-rest and in transfer encryption used where possible, careful user and process limiting, jailing or chrooting services, dedicated kernel and userland compilation, careful system tuning - we will make your operations both secure and efficient.

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mail servers

Using modern mechanisms such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, we build robust and reliable mail servers, relays and gateways with anti-virus, malware and spam protection. With encrypted webmail and IMAP/POP3 access, secured server to server communications, chosing the right ciphers and certificates, we emphasize using TLS encryption whenever possible and applicable.

Being also strongly commited to SPAM fighting, we create advanced solutions on top of open source, that often work better than expensive commercial products. We monitor blacklists and whitelists, we know how to handle IP reputation when it comes to mailing. We know our mails.

web servers

Our hosting know-how has brought reliability and stability to many Ruby on Rails, Django and PHP based applications over the years.

Working on multi-10GE web projects, we have gained a unique perspective on highly-available content delivery methods, traffic shaping, redundancy, advanced backend and frontend caching and web security.

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servers' and network monitoring

Knowing what's going on inside your network and on your servers and other devices is the "101" of efficient and secure operation.

Using open source software that utilizes SNMP protocol or self-built solutions to automatically audit your specific workflow, check places that should be available and places that shouldn't - we deliver extensive monitoring and IDS solutions with graphs, e-mail and sms alerts, and whatever suits your environment best.

firewalls and routers

Appliances or self-built, we know how to handle firewalls, routers, IDS/IPS systems, and which packets should go where and which should be rejected or blocked.

We have built and handled such systems for both 400+ node networks and 60+ Gbps online services.

serverless and cloud

We realize that each project differs and some simply can not exist being based in one or two datacenters and without distributed architecture.

Our extensive knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) can bring you peace of mind when you want to concentrate on your work and not worry about S3 buckets' properties, types of storage solutions available for your data, which instance type to choose for this particular RDS, how Route53 records will be updated... Working in the cloud can be overwhelming. We can help with that.


Customers looking to host their PHP applications (WordPress, Joomla, Presta Shop and more) or e-mail boxes - are welcome to use our DirectAdmin-powered hosting service for as low as €15/m.

With two weekly data and daily database backups, DNS and e-mail management, automatic applications installer and updater, htaccess support and servers located in Central Europe, it is the best hosting in the region.

SSL certificates

Wide variety of SSL certificates with up to 256-bit encryption, 99% browser compatibility, mobile compatiblity and IDN support. Issued by Symantec and GeoTrust.

Need an SSL certificate and don't know which is best suited? Don't know how to generate keys and certificate requests? Need help installing? We are here to help!

IT consulting

We provide consulting services for sysops and devops, small businesses and larger companies. Is it networking, online services, data security, or other topic - we will hear you out and your problem can become our task.

ZFS-based storage solutions

Using file system far superior to popular ones like UFS2 or EXT4, we build and manage storage solutions that are often better than commercial appliances.

With OpenZFS, we utilize ZFS file system on installations ranging from simple 2-disk RAID1 zpools to nested multi-vdev RAIDZ2/3 arrays with PCIe-SSD SLOG and cache devices, 5-minute snapshot replication and properties such as compression type, record size, deduplication or number of copies - carefully chosen for each dataset.

If you are looking for administrators who will put your PostgreSQL database on 4K - and MySQL database on a file system with 16K blocks, you have come to the right place!

About us

Security first

We value security above all else. We know what at rest and in-transfer encryption is, where and how to use it properly. We understand data security, privacy, access restriction and we do them smart. Using self-built notification system, we monitor software code changes and apply updates even within a quarter of an hour since some important version or bugfix is released.

We believe in open source

Our work is most often based on an excellent open source software, as we believe in the code that can be seen by anyone, with the ability to try to exploit, DoS or break it. We do manage proprietary solutions, too, but open source can work as efficiently or even better than very expensive propertiary appliances.

We stay on top of things

Having designed a software update notification system that is constantly checking developers' git and svn repositories, websites, ftp servers, security advisories and similar sources, we stay on top of things. We are gaining the knowledge of important server software changes and security issues in much more prompt manner than most systems administrators who relay on their system repositories. While doing things the easy way is well... fast and easy, we do them the secure way. That often means manual code changes, compilations, ports or packages creation. But it's our job to get hands dirty like that. Your job is to use well working solutions that we are happy to provide.

The mark FreeBSD is a registered trademark of The FreeBSD Foundation and is used by with the permission of The FreeBSD Foundation.